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We are lucky to have Adam joining us to lay down some sick beats. He is an in-demand session player and a 3- time Juno nominee for his work with Alysha Brilla and world-beat powerhouse ECCODEK. He is currently burning things up with pop sensation Elise Legrow and is a regular touring member with Gregory Hoskins and his Nights of Grief & Mystery Tour. He is a drummer's drummer known for his feel behind the kit, his ability to elevate everyone around him for finding the right groove and locking it down.  He is also known for his down to earth nature and generosity of spirit. Through his involvement with BUCKETBEATS.COM, Adam works with beat-seekers of all ages in high schools, elementary schools, and university classrooms. This program employs buckets and sticks to teach the basics of creating rhythm. Click the links below to find out more:

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