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Visual Art Transforms Community
AWT3M        University/College

ART: Non-Traditional Media

Form collaborative Digital based media productions as a means for impacting the whole community. Create and experiment with alternative portrait creation, digital photography, digital design, street art,  multi-media production, layout & design, silk screening. Create slide presentations as part of SPEAK GUELPH talks. Find avenues to exhibit your work and discover ways that art can affect change in community. Learn from local professional painters, photographers, street artists, and printers, illustrators, and more in a variety of settings that foster artistic success in the local community. Study the major street artists of our generation, plus visit AGO, OCAD, Ryerson U Image Arts and Graphic Design programs, as well as the AGG and other local galleries to discover how art can be a living. Bring it all together in: art installation of your photography, graffiti, and screen work at 2 major shows, designed and advertised by you; a major Shakespearean production - set design, props, and costumes created by you; a published podcast - written, recorded, and mixed by you; participation in SPEAK GUELPH city-wide presentation of ideas and art.

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