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Burning Mountain is among the world’s innovators in stage combat. In 2011, they won the Stage Combat Competition in Las Vegas. They have choreographed fights for Disney Cruise Line, Soulpepper, Young People’s Theatre, The Grand Theatre, Native Earth Performing Arts, and more. They've taught at the Paddy Crean International Stage Combat Workshop, in dozens of high schools, and with numerous professional actors. Siobhan has taught for Fight Directors Canada, and with combat groups across Europe and Scandinavia. This year they are on the Ontario Arts Council’s Artists in Education Roster -  one of 80 artists selected out of 158 to be subsidized to teach in high schools. Burning Mountain’s focus is to create combat scenes seamlessly integrated into larger plays or films. It’s about acting. It’s not about fighting. Stage combat is a performance art dependent on communication and specific movement in order to create clear storytelling. Students will learn specific techniques, exploring their own physical expression.  The primary focus is safety and communication.  We are the “go-to” fight director/fight instructor team for numerous directors, theatres and youth education groups.

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