ENG 2A/D  or  3U/C  or 4EW (Creative Writing)


Rigorous Skills - Integrated Approach

    MADE offers ENG2D/A or 3U/3C or 4EW (Creative Writing) credits as part of an integrated package of courses. So, you can get all the serious ENG skills you need - MADE style. What’s the difference? INTEGRATION BABY! Because ENG is being taught alongside your other courses, it is easy to see how they all connect. Study the text of a play (Romeo and Juliet) in ENG class - then perform that play in Drama - creating set design and props created in ART - supported by electronic tracks created in MUSIC. Create a research presentation on a topic taken from a novel in ENG class - use a slide-show created in ART MEDIA - accompanied by a Garage Band mashup of music to create feeling and tone made in MUSIC!  GET IT? That’s the power of integrated learning.  #not.one.word.wasted.

    You will earn your ENG credit doing all the things required of ANY ENG course: analyzing novels, plays, short stories, and essays; writing essays, analytical paragraphs, and research presentations; forming creative responses to story elements and story telling. BUT it is always CONNECTED to everything else.


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