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Greg Denton is a book-seller, singer-songwriter, banjo player, Professor, portrait painter, urban cowboy, campfire lover, raconteur, and quintessential player in the local downtown Guelph scene. He is the creator of 3 major Portrait Projects. In one he painted 1 portrait/day for a year and, in another, called "Anyone Lived" he painted 100's of local downtown Guelphites in single 1 hour sessions. He was recently chosen as Guelph's Artist in Residence 2015, during which he created perhaps his greatest work so far, painting 100 Canadian war veterans and the surviving relatives of past war veterans in an exhibition called "100 Portraits 100 Poppies". His exhibitions of these pieces are a hopeful comment on the power and beauty in everyday community, an ethos he seems to live and breathe with little effort. He invented the Cornerstone Campfire Sessions where locals gather with instruments to sit around a fire of candles and play music together. He teaches painting at U. Guelph, sells books at Macondo Books, and plays music around town with various ensemblesWe can't wait to learn with Prof. Denton. Click below to see more of his work at his portrait blog:


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