Janet Johnson is an extraordinary dancer, co-founder of Guelph Dance and, with that, co-founder and Artistic Director of the Guelph Dance Festival, one of Guelph's Annual Fab 5 Fests. With an impressive history of bringing dance and movement to over 18,000 students in the last ten years, Janet introduces students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 to the physical and emotional benefits of creative expression. In her words: "Balancing my work at Guelph Dance with being a teacher, choreographer, and dancer is tough at times but utterly rich and relevant. I am a more confident and spontaneous teacher for continuing to explore the challenges and rigour of choreographing and dancing as it allows me to see both sides of the coin. As a creator I need to keep one foot constantly immersed in many aspects of the world I live in. This includes working with all of the brilliant young dancers and movers in my classes." Johnson is committed to staying "tuned" with her community and believes that we "need art to foster who we are." She moved from Toronto over a decade ago now and found herself in "happy, open, earthy Guelph" and was compelled to start spreading the positive energy of dance. MADE students will benefit from this powerful, local artist on many levels. Click on the link below to connect with Dance Guelph: