Joseph Harrison is "the little robot", a Canadian electronic music artist from Guelph, Ontario. "I like to pull together doses of traditional soul, spacey rock, electronic and hip hop, with progressive melodies and big beats into a rich, bubbling pot of sound. My technique attempts to create harmony between these genres with the blending of obscure samples with analog and digital compositions."  Harrison says "the little robot" began as a side project in 2007 while he was playing with different ‘traditional’ rock bands. With the use of samples, controllers, and other live instruments, he tries to create a balance between the sounds of the past, present & future. He has been teaching Media Arts, Comm. Tech., and Business for 9 years, and is currently at Louise Arbour Secondary School in Peel. Joe also plays bass for local bands and is an avid lover and maker of his own brand of coffee called, Grizzly Bear Coffee. You can see him play and order his coffee online. Click below for more info:

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