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This Is More Than Art - This Is Life - This Is Community:

    The URBAN ARTS PROJECT is a 1 Semester - 4 Credit - Interdisciplinary Arts Program open to ANY Grade 10, 11, or 12 student from ANY school, that runs during the SPRING SEMESTER of every school year. It is FULLY ACCREDITED through the UGDSB.  It seeks to build community engagement through the Arts.  UAP provides students with opportunities to develop individual and group creative process through the Ontario Curriculum, and workshops with professional artists. Central to the focus of UAP is that the Arts should not exist solely in the realm of the individual; rather, the Arts can be a tool for community-building, cultural development, and profound social change.  UAP seeks to extend the authentic learning opportunities for students through partnerships with Arts organizations and community networks in order to affect positive change within the canvas of Guelph’s urban landscape.
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