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Jeff has been at GCVI since 1999 and teaching since 1994. He has taught every level of English and Drama. In 2000, he founded the full credit Acta Nostra Yearbook Journalism/Media course. With Kelly McCullough, he founded the UAP in 2014. He brings a wealth of video production, layout&design, sound recording, and digital software experience.  He founded G.I.T. , GC's improv team, which has won awards at Regional, Provincial, and National tournaments. He is also a singer/songwriter who has ties with Guelph's music scene. Non-traditional music and art, particularly digital forms of those arts, are a real passion for him.


Kelly has been at GCVI since 2000 and teaching since 1996. She has taught every level of English (including Creative Writing) and Drama. She co-created and runs GCVI's integrated Grade 9 "LAUNCH" program . She has performed in, directed, and managed many dramatic performances both in school and for community theatres in Ontario. She is an experienced performer of both drama and music and is heavily engaged in both Guelph's music and art scenes. She brings a wealth of contacts and a passion for great writing and performance to the program. Also, her partner, Jesse Merrill (owner/operator of Polestar Bread) makes the world's greatest bread ... ever.

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